How to Invest

A step by step guide to make profitable investment on our website.


It is Easy

Create an account with a valid email address and phone number, validate your email to login into your dashboard.


$100 is minimum

Enter a convenient amount to fund your wallet, you will be credited immediately. You are ready to invest now.


10% in 15 Days

Enter a desired amount you wish to invest. You can choose from your wallet or an external wallet like bitcoin, etherium...


After 15 Days

When your investment period is completed, your wallet will be credited with the amount you invested plus the investment profit of 10%.


It is time

You want to enjoy the profit from your investment, you want to convert it to cash that you can spend. Yes, it is time. Add your wallet address. Select wallet type and paste your address, then submit.


Great things are simple

Click on withdraw, enter amount to withdraw, select receiving wallet and submit. Now you can enjoy your profit. Invest more, enjoy more.

Join our community of 20,000+ users who benefit immensely from our investment plan.


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